• Ages 5 - 19 Foundation Development

• Preventing and reducing juvenile delinquency

Helping Hands Youth Advocacy/Assistance Program
Early Childhood, elementary, middle- and high school-age

Building a positive self-image through dozens of other activities
recreation, outdoor education, camping, swimming, sports, worship,
religious teachings and community services.
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 Standing In the Winner's Circle 

“No Barriers Café”

 May 18, 2019 1PM - 5PM

  Ages 5 -19yr olds

 Young people are encouraged to actively participate

Snacks and drinks, Information & Wide range of extracurriculum activities

It will offer a safe place for young people to meet, access information, have fun and talk

with someone in confidence




January Personal Success Journal / Entrepreneur

February Character Education

March Band, Animal Acts, Skits, Magician

April Self Esteem

May Theater, Video, Commercials, Film

June Conflict Resolution

July Poetry, Dance, Music, Song, Print Modeling

August Success Skills

September Novelties, Melodrama, Jugglers

October Team Worker

November Computer Graphic Arts, Letter Typing

December Goal Setting

Spark for Youth Pageant  

August 24, 2019 1:30 PM 

Teaching young people Accountability, Responsibility, Integrity, Respect, and Self-esteem

● FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY Sign up ASAP Ages 5 -19 yrs. olds

* Kids be creative Projects~!!! * Motivational Speakers

* Entertainment, * Free Lunch & * Exhibits and other Activities

Raffle for youth & Adult

● Talent - Dance, Song, Instrument, Art, Poetry/ Poem, Acting etc.. 

rewards and recognition


January Voices of Success New Years Holiday Exp.’ Singing & Music

February Touch A Heart Tea

March Varity Show

April – Youth Rally

May A Salute To Young Achievers

June Talent Show

July Arts & Crafts Show

August Spark for Youth Pageant

September Youth In Action Festivity

October Drama Play

November Puppet Show

December Compassion in Celebration

Mentor Program

Open Enrollment

 Student Profile Ages 9-19 yrs. olds


·   Poor relationships with family or peers

 ·    Experimentation with drugs and/or alcohol

·  Low Self-Esteem                                                       

·  Inadequate coping skills   

·  Defiance                                                                      ·  Poor Decision Making

·  Lack of Motivation                                                 


January Yearly Home Survey

February - Parent Questionnaire

March Anger Management

April Crime Prevention

May Teacher Questionnaire

June Yearly Home Evaluation

July Teenage Pregnancy

August Mentoring

September Peer Pressure

October Consequences of dropping out of school

November Drug use

December Breaking the cycle of self-destruction


Entrepreneur workshops


Success Skills in Marketing & Merchandising Ages 11-18 yr olds

Each workshop CONSISTS of Learning the principles and RESPONSIBILITY THAT contribute to success. An entrepreneur workshop deals with tips, PROJECTS THAT will last a lifetime. We will address planning goals and fun activities that even a child can understands. The young entrepreneur upon COMPLETION WILL receive a certificate. OUR ENTIRE workshops are arranged weeks in advance for best results. For more information for future continuous in the varieties of life as an entrepreneur, contact us. 


Children's  Art:  Books & Illustrators CLICK ON LINK ® 

Group Workshop, Academicz Activities & Social Services

YOUTH MOTIVATION GROUPS - Art,  Music,  Literacy Program


You can make a difference in

someone’s life.



Response Team to community outreaches, churches and ministries. Christmas gift to children, clothing/shoes to needy families, bags of food, tracks to Convalescent Homes, Prison Ministries, Youth Impact and Street Ministries,  Children back to school supplies.


1. Be a Volunteer

2. Be a Financial Supporter

3. Donate for the


• Intervention

• Aftercare

4. Be a Community Representative

5. Sponsor a homeless person


Donate TODAY

» Books new or used

» Clothing new or used

» Medical Equipment new or used

» Bible and Christian Commentaries new or used

» Playground Equipment new or used

» Household items new or used

» School supplies and backpacks – new only

» Hygiene products and toiletries – new only

» Food - Beans, Rice, Canned foods, Hams and Turkeys – please confirm date of use


» LifeSource kits for people living with HIV/AIDS – The kit includes home health care items, shopping vouncher and healing beings here educational material


» 72-hour kits The kit includes sanitary supplies, special Items for Babies, Adults, Entertainment; Tools and Supplies: required to meet the essential needs of a family for a72-hour period.

I Care Mission

• Program Voucher

• Meal Voucher

• Crisis Rental Voucher

• Thrift Shop Voucher

• Emergency Shelter Voucher

• Shoe Voucher

• Transitional Housing Voucher

• Emergency Energy Voucher

• Limited Transportation Voucher

Our 501(C) 3

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