Success And Deliverance Evangelical Ministry is

A 24 HOUR Multipurpose & Multicultural Ministry

We offer a Bible Based, family Oriented ministry that encourages individual

spiritual growth and development.


Thursday 7:00pm 8:00 pm

Worship in Spirit and Truth is True worship that is God-centered worship.

In Him (Jesus Christ Our Lord) we live and move and have our being. Acts 17:28


Bible Study

Enriching Your Experience with God's Word; Make Bible Study a lifetime practice.Gods’ most precious Word, that is real and relevant for your life now and forever!


We are in The Study of Bringing Christ to a world God created



Inspirational Prayer-for-Strength "I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me." [PHP 4:13]

Inspirational prayer for healing "Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved, for you are my praise."   [Jeremiah 17:14]

Inspirational Prayer for Prosperity  “For I know what I have planned for you,’ says the Lord. ‘I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. Jeremiah 29:11


A Bible in the hand is worth two on the shelf.

 1 Year Bible Reading Plan click on link ® 


This easy schedule will complete the entire Holy Bible in 52 weeks - 22 chapters per week for the first 7 weeks, and 23 chapters per week for the remaining 45 weeks. An approximate 30 minute time period in a quiet time of each day is the only investment that you need - a very small price to pay for the knowledge and peace of mind that you get in return. The days and weeks of the chart are numbered rather than dated, so a beginning can be made at any day of the year. Just go to Week 1 and do the row from left to right, from Day 1 to Day 7. Repeat the process down the list. Enjoy the wonderful Word of God! 

                                                Free KJV Bible download (audio) click on link ® 


This is your place to download the audio version of the King James Bible. Enjoy listening to Yahuwah's word each day on your mp3 player. Each book is packed into a WinZip file which ranges from 1Mb to 44Mb. Users with high speed internet access and plenty of space on their hard drives can download the entire bible in just one WinZip file of 896Mb                                                                  

        Sermon: Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining click link  ® 

Sermon: At the Crossroad: Don't lose Heart click link  ® 

Sermon: The road to Victory click link  ®

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The Bishop Post on youtube click on link ® 

Spiritual Lifeguard Lectures – I. Christ, The Great Teacher

Spiritual Lifeguard Lectures – II. The Christian’s God

Spiritual Lifeguard Lectures –III The Christian Man

Spiritual Lifeguard Lectures –IV The Christian’s Fellow Man

Spiritual Lifeguard Lectures – V. The Christian Faith

Spiritual Lifeguard Lectures VI. The Christian’s Book

Spiritual Lifeguard Lectures VII. The Christian Prayer

Spiritual Lifeguard Lectures VIII. The Christian Service

Spiritual Lifeguard Lectures IX. The Christian Church

Spiritual Lifeguard Lectures X. The Christian Home

Spiritual Lifeguard Lectures XI The Christian Business World

Spiritual Lifeguard Lectures – XII. The Christian Society

Spiritual Lifeguard Lectures XIII. The Christian State

Spiritual Lifeguard Lectures XIV. The Christian’s Hope

You can make a difference in

someone’s life.



Response Team to community outreaches, churches and ministries. Christmas gift to children, clothing/shoes to needy families, bags of food, tracks to Convalescent Homes, Prison Ministries, Youth Impact and Street Ministries,  Children back to school supplies.


1. Be a Volunteer

2. Be a Financial Supporter

3. Donate for the


• Intervention

• Aftercare

4. Be a Community Representative

5. Sponsor a homeless person


Donate TODAY

» Books new or used

» Clothing new or used

» Medical Equipment new or used

» Bible and Christian Commentaries new or used

» Playground Equipment new or used

» Household items new or used

» School supplies and backpacks – new only

» Hygiene products and toiletries – new only

» Food - Beans, Rice, Canned foods, Hams and Turkeys – please confirm date of use


» LifeSource kits for people living with HIV/AIDS – The kit includes home health care items, shopping vouncher and healing beings here educational material


» 72-hour kits The kit includes sanitary supplies, special Items for Babies, Adults, Entertainment; Tools and Supplies: required to meet the essential needs of a family for a72-hour period.

I Care Mission

• Program Voucher

• Meal Voucher

• Crisis Rental Voucher

• Thrift Shop Voucher

• Emergency Shelter Voucher

• Shoe Voucher

• Transitional Housing Voucher

• Emergency Energy Voucher

• Limited Transportation Voucher

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