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    Kelvin Moore (Tuesday, 15 March 2016 14:47)

    A Great Ministry

You can make a difference in

someone’s life.



Response Team to community outreaches, churches and ministries. Christmas gift to children, clothing/shoes to needy families, bags of food, tracks to Convalescent Homes, Prison Ministries, Youth Impact and Street Ministries,  Children back to school supplies.


1. Be a Volunteer

2. Be a Financial Supporter

3. Donate for the


• Intervention

• Aftercare

4. Be a Community Representative

5. Sponsor a homeless person


Donate TODAY

» Books new or used

» Clothing new or used

» Medical Equipment new or used

» Bible and Christian Commentaries new or used

» Playground Equipment new or used

» Household items new or used

» School supplies and backpacks – new only

» Hygiene products and toiletries – new only

» Food - Beans, Rice, Canned foods, Hams and Turkeys – please confirm date of use


» LifeSource kits for people living with HIV/AIDS – The kit includes home health care items, shopping vouncher and healing beings here educational material


» 72-hour kits The kit includes sanitary supplies, special Items for Babies, Adults, Entertainment; Tools and Supplies: required to meet the essential needs of a family for a72-hour period.

I Care Mission

• Program Voucher

• Meal Voucher

• Crisis Rental Voucher

• Thrift Shop Voucher

• Emergency Shelter Voucher

• Shoe Voucher

• Transitional Housing Voucher

• Emergency Energy Voucher

• Limited Transportation Voucher

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