Office of the Bishop’s Collaborative

 Bridging the Gap in Educating the Family for Their success

 Enriching Minds, Developing Character, Impacting the World

 "Continuing the Conversation with Private and Faith Based Providers, Clergy and Congregations"


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Our Advocacy Services & Educational Outreach

- Provide church's educational, outreach, music, and fellowship programs

- Provide Christian prayer ministry

- Evangelistic Association & Community Enforcement

- Advisory Conference & Parent Meeting

- Together with other groups, the teams work to serve people in need.

- Seeking to restore Christian values

- Christian issues and struggles around the world

- Safeguard the social, religious and political rights of Christians

Bridge the Gap Coalition for families addresses the challenges that face families trying to overcome poverty and at risk conditions

Core Concern of the Coalition:

• Economic Development
• Health Care
• Advocacy and Leadership
• Empowering Youth Voice

• Connecting our Community with State resources
• Encouraging and enlisting the full participation of our community to improve the quality of life for better places to live, work and raise a family

Bridge the Gap Coalition Nonprofit Conference
Join us for an interactive and intuitive look into the trends and overall performance of the nonprofit community. You will walk away with a wealth of knowledge that you can use to better explain your results and benchmark your organization against the community as a whole.

- Nonprofit Conference – Organization Practice, Loyalty and Stewardship March
- Nonprofit Conference - Planning, Marketing and Bugeting for current Nonprofit Organization August
- Nonprofit Conference - Educational Pathways to Excellence December

The Goal is focused on uniting the strength of Our Faith Community across the State and building a Bridge for Economic Empowerment Educational Excellence and Spiritual Enrichment.
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I want to express my appreciation for your generosity in support of I care world mission. Your personal commitment is always incredibly helpful and allow us to reach our goal. Your assistance means so much to us but even more to our I care world mission. Thank you from all of us.

Sincerely, Bishop Kelvin D. Moore, Sr. & Missionary Jacqueline Moore

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Result You Can Expect
You will receive creative ways to decrease expenditures, increase revenues, create greater efficiencies, leverage technology, and create strategic partnerships. We Inform, Promote, Connect and Strengthen individual nonprofits and the nonprofit sector.

You can make a difference in

someone’s life.



Response Team to community outreaches, churches and ministries. Christmas gift to children, clothing/shoes to needy families, bags of food, tracks to Convalescent Homes, Prison Ministries, Youth Impact and Street Ministries,  Children back to school supplies.


1. Be a Volunteer

2. Be a Financial Supporter

3. Donate for the


• Intervention

• Aftercare

4. Be a Community Representative

5. Sponsor a homeless person


Donate TODAY

» Books new or used

» Clothing new or used

» Medical Equipment new or used

» Bible and Christian Commentaries new or used

» Playground Equipment new or used

» Household items new or used

» School supplies and backpacks – new only

» Hygiene products and toiletries – new only

» Food - Beans, Rice, Canned foods, Hams and Turkeys – please confirm date of use


» LifeSource kits for people living with HIV/AIDS – The kit includes home health care items, shopping vouncher and healing beings here educational material


» 72-hour kits The kit includes sanitary supplies, special Items for Babies, Adults, Entertainment; Tools and Supplies: required to meet the essential needs of a family for a72-hour period.

I Care Mission

• Program Voucher

• Meal Voucher

• Crisis Rental Voucher

• Thrift Shop Voucher

• Emergency Shelter Voucher

• Shoe Voucher

• Transitional Housing Voucher

• Emergency Energy Voucher

• Limited Transportation Voucher

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