Because of the amazing grace of God I have been able to beat the odds and overcame the difficult of my childhood, and adult life with the change in my thinking from, “I can’t” to “I can!” I was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I was married for 26 year, I am a father, brother, son and true Christian.


I am Overseer of Success and Deliverance Evangelical Ministry of Los Angeles, CA. Teaching and Educational Services Credential I am is a Certified Christian Educational Teacher


• Christian Studies: Ambassador College, Pasadena California

Christian Ministry: Evangelical Training Association, Wheaton Illinois 

• Church and Ministry: The Voice of Prophecy, Loveland Colorado

• Christian Education Leadership: Pentecostal Christian Denomination Division Of Home Missions, Springfield MO


I hold honorary Doctorates from Calvary Church of Faith, Reltion Pennsylvania

I am a license  and Ordain preacher for over 30 years, Calvary Church of Faith, Reltion Pennsylvania

I am the organizer of the Christian Alpha and Omega Fraternity.

I am currently serves as the Presiding Bishop of Bridge the Gap Coalition a Collaboration Connecting, Strengthening and Supporting the nonprofit community for the public good.


I believe God as anointed me personally to deal with relationships on every level. I am known for charismatic preaching with the spiritual conviction, moral aptitude and old-fashioned wisdom to return a people to God. Through this ministry I have written Inspiring Christian Education booklets, and have made many guest speaker appearances, I am committed to helping people around the world experience meaningful relationships and love. I am regarded as a very successful motivational and keynote speaker. I have been recognized in the world communities as a man from humble beginnings, as a teacher, author, humanitarian, philanthropist, businessman, community leader and Overseer. I am recipient of numerous awards and honors, and sits on noteworthy boards, including the Board of the Evangelical Council of Bishops.


Deeply concerned about America’s youth and young adults, I am the visionary behind, Helping Hands Youth Program, Model Image Project. Likewise, and the visionary behind Mt. Zion's Circle of Prayer which provides to youth and young adults a positive environment for academic skillfulness and spiritual growth, I am also the visionary behind the I Care World Outreach Mission and Educational Resources committed to low-and moderate-income families and to community economic development that continue “to turn over the stone of economic irresponsibility . . . by investing in programs and by partnering with outside agencies to bring about a change."


My work includes full-time in ministry as a Senior Research Analyst for Evangelical World Outreach and Evangelism. I specialize in broad-based donor support for nonprofits. I served as a fundraising consultant for membership, religion and many other non-profits. For more than 20 years I has helped non-profits with everything from consultation on business plans to internal controls and financial statement budget/audits.


I serve as a Marketing & Distribution Merchandiser for Success & Gifts “N” Things Outlets.

I offer Semester Class /Workshop /Conference/ Seminar.

I am LIVING FOR THE LORD JESUS CHRIST and is a motivational and inspirational speaker for all ages, on subject such as Salvation, Healing, Finances, Family Emotions, Drugs/Alcohol, Sexual Problems, Suicide and more.


Under God’s anointing I lift my voice in calling for national and global leadership to enhances the quality of life for all people. I have demonstrated a caliber of leadership well beyond my earl years. LENDING A HAND TO THOSE WITH NO PLACE LEFT TO TURN


In His service, Bishop Kelvin Dwayne Moore, Sr.


Educational Background

High School Completion - Youth In Action Christian Academy


Seminary Studies

• Prophecy and Theology

• Hermeneutical Studies of Biblical Interpretation

• Christian Education 

• Foundational Church Ministries

• Philosophy of Religion 

• Systematic Theology I & II 
• General Church History I & II 
• Spiritual Life of the Minister
• Leadership for
Christian Ministry

• Teaching/Admin. In the Church

• Christian Decision Making

Basic Christian Ethics

Homiletic - Expository, Textual, Topical, and Testimonial Sermons

Biblical Theology to Christian Preaching

• Methodology

Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Gifts




Faith and Scripture

Faith and Heritage

Faith and Life

Faith and Works


Personal Evangelism

Youth Education in the Church

Church and Community Ministries

Church Planting



Chemical Dependency

Wood & Art Designs

Retail and Wholesale - Salesperson & Merchandiser

Electronic and Computer Technician 

Honor & Awards  

I Care World Mission Member of Congress 35th District, California Maxine Waters

Extraordinary Christian High School Students of America Award

Christian Ambassador's

Certificate of Appreciation from Councilman Mark Ridley –Thomas

Certificate of Appreciation from Member of Congress 35th District, California Maxine Waters

Commendation from County Supervisor Yvonne Burke

Commendation from Governor Gray Davis

Certificate of Commendation Mayor Tom Bradley

Presidents Volunteer Service Award

Harbor Convalescent Hospital receiving Recognition of Outstanding Voluntary services

Juneteenth Celebration Certificate of Appreciation

Certificate of Appreciation – Empowerment Congress Southeast Area Neighborhood Development Council


Bishop Kelvin Moore, Sr. offer Semester Class /Workshop /Conference/ Seminar monthly Include:

Family Preservation

Couples Educational

Rose of Sharon Women

Health Network

Youth Network

Christian Perspective Counseling

Domestic Violence

Family Ministry

Career & Budgeting

Crime Prevention

Bible Study Resources

Men’s Manpower Force

Bishop Kelvin Moore, Sr. is LIVING FOR JESUS and is a motivational and inspirational speaker for all ages, on subject such as Salvation, Healing, Finances, Family Emotions, Drugs/Alcohol, Sexual Problems, Suicide and more.

You can make a difference in

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Response Team to community outreaches, churches and ministries. Christmas gift to children, clothing/shoes to needy families, bags of food, tracks to Convalescent Homes, Prison Ministries, Youth Impact and Street Ministries,  Children back to school supplies.


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• Intervention

• Aftercare

4. Be a Community Representative

5. Sponsor a homeless person


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